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Divorce Attorney and Family Law, Marion & Mt. Gilead, Ohio

When you need legal representation in family law and divorce proceedings, count on Attorney Marian Davidson. She’s helped countless numbers of clients with experienced legal counsel in family law, including divorce and child custody cases, for over 20 years. She provides caring and knowledgeable representation to clients in Marion, Morrow and Crawford Counties.

As someone with experience in family law, she offers legal counsel in the following areas:

  • Adoption
  • Divorce and Dissolution
  • Child Custody
  • And more

Attorney Marian Davidson graduated from Ohio Northern’s Claude W. Petit School of Law in 1996, so she has years of educational and professional background in providing experienced legal representation.

Family Law

Families change and expand over time. For certain changes—like divorce and child custody—family members need compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation to make sure everything is in order. Everyone has the right to a happy and loving home, so trust the legal expertise of Attorney Marian Davidson to make sure you’re represented fairly in matters relating to family law.

Adoption: Welcoming a new addition to the family is a huge event in a family’s life, and that can be further complicated by complex legal procedures. Trust Attorney Marian Davidson to make the adoption process easier through experienced legal representation. She’ll not only help you with the paperwork, but she’ll also discuss with you the costs of adopting a child and any legal ramifications, depending on the type of adoption you go with. If anything goes wrong with the process, she’ll be right there to figure out the issue and solve it. She can also assist with terminating your rights as a biological parent and transferring parental rights over to adoptive parents so you child can safely go to their new home.

Divorce and Dissolution: Divorce proceedings can be a delicate and emotionally charged process, and since most divorces take 3-12 months to be finalized, you’ll be in for the long haul. That’s why you should trust the experienced legal counsel of Attorney Marian Davidson to help negotiate your divorce. She’ll use her legal expertise to fairly divide assets and debt between you and your spouse and set terms for child custody and support. At the same time, she’ll also provide sympathetic and objective support and exceptional conflict resolution skills to ease the stress that the proceedings might place on you and your spouse.

Child Custody: Protect your rights as a parent by calling Attorney Marian Davidson when you need legal representation in your next child custody case. She can help settle child custody agreements, including visitation and child support. If your case goes to court, she’ll offer her legal expertise in making an arrangement that everyone agrees on. She is knowledgeable on laws and statutes relating to child custody, but she is also compassionate and provides emotional support to parents who are going through such an emotionally charged ordeal. She will handle your case with care and make sure the parenting arrangement is within the best interests of your child or children.

When you need legal representation in your family law case, call Attorney Marian Davidson at 740-381-9124.